How to Tame your Inner Mean Mama

By Lavinia Brown @laviniabrowncoaching

Are you fed up with being nagged by your inner critic?
That voice that scolds and shames you, always telling you that you are not enough? 

Isn’t life hard enough without having your own personal inner mean mama in your head?

⁠Well discover with Lavinia Brown, qualified psycho-dynamic coach for mothers in this short but powerful 5 minute video 3 very easy mental tricks you can employ to tame this critic so that her voice is no longer the loudest.

She will never go away entirely, she is part of you, but what you can do is begin to integrate her, so that she is no longer unconsciously controlling you. ⁠

For a deeper look at how this voice got there, who it originally belonged to, why it has such a hold over you and how you can heal the original ‘trauma’ that lead you to internalise it I invite you to explore Lavinia’s powerful new online course – FINDING FREEDOM – because this is exactly what module 2 is all about! ⁠

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Lavinia Brown Coaching – Lavinia Brown (MA Oxon) is a one-to-one psychodynamic mum coach. Her purpose is to support mothers to stop feeling anxious, depressed and angry through understanding and healing their past, clearing inherited emotional baggage, overcoming unconscious patterns and asserting healthy boundaries
so that they can own their authentic feminine power without feeling ‘too much’, selfish or guilty.


If you would like to follow Lavinia’s journey or interested knowing more about what she has to offer please make sure to head on over to her Instagram @laviniabrowncoaching or you can find out more at


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