The evolutionary leap that a woman experiences went entering motherhood is probably one of the greatest stories never told.

This evolution is the psychological and spiritual birth of a woman, it’s the divine transformation of maiden to mother that births a woman with a whole new level of connection, strength and wisdom. It’s a transformation that completely stretches our capacity and has the ability to open us up to an entirely new perspective of ourselves, our purpose and our power. 

As the founder of mother her and through my journey of motherhood it has come apparent to me how crucial the health and wellbeing of mothers is to the thriving of our future generations. However, we still find ourselves living in a society that is failing mothers in providing adequate support and resources for mothers to thrive. Mothers functioning through exhaustion, stress, trauma and mental illness is a global issue that needs to be addressed not only for the well-being of mothers around the world but for the generations we are raising.

As mothers, to be able to live a life of more fulfillment, happiness and health and to be able to raise healthy, empowered, conscious human beings we must raise ourselves first. This means as a collective having the courage to define a new way of motherhood and start the journey of self-empowerment through self-healing, self-growth and self-love.

Mother Her is here to support you in that journey.


 It is our mission to create a global movement of change that is so desperately needed for mothers and the next generations that will follow.

A movement of redefining motherhood.


Mother Her is a community platform where woman and mothers around the world can access the tools, guidance and support needed to start their own journey of self-growth, self-healing and self-empowerment. 

So we as a collective of woman, and creators of life, can embody deeper fulfillment and happiness while leading a conscious path of empowerment for our children.

Welcome mama.