Ibu Ayurveda – Belly Love Box

A wonderful way to start your belly wrapping journey, this box contains our postpartum best sellers to provide optimal physical support, replenishment and recovery after birth in a eco-luxe gift pack with rose quartz crystal.

  • Nourishing and warming medicated oil to be applied under your bengkung belly wrap.
  • 100% organic professionally formulated herbal tea to optimize a new mother’s digestion which is very fragile after birth, whilst also replenishing minerals and supporting lactation.


  • Luxuriously packaged in sustainably sourced gift box with ribbon and includes a medium size rose quartz for self love.
  • Perfect gift for expectant or newly delivered mothers, baby showers, and blessing-ways.

    *** PLEASE NOTE: preferred Bengkung pattern from available stock must be chosen and 100% Organic Tea chosen and recorded in Notes section at checkout.

    If there is no note, then benkgung print will be chosen at random and Motherhood tea will be selected.

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