Indi Reusable Cup | Peach

Indi Cup. A reusable glass coffee cup made from hand blown borosilicate glass with a wrapped silicone base and silicone lid. A one-size cup for all coffee lovers. Complete with 8oz and 12oz fill lines, Indi Cup is for everyone. The perfect blend of functionality, sustainability and luxury.

Peach | 12oz | 355ml

Designed in Australia.

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Minimal design & natural colours
Durable, yet lightweight
Fits in standard size cup holders
Comfortable to hold & drink from
Easy to clean
Microwave & dishwasher safe
Non-toxic (BPA free)
Better tasting coffee – no metallic taste!

Sustainable packaging

The most environmentally friendly option, receive your products without packaging.

Signature packaging

Your products will be packaged in our signature Indi box.

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