Peaceful Mama Project – Peaceful Mama Cards

Peaceful Mama Cards are a pack of 33 beautifully designed, and intuitively curated cards focused around daily mindfulness practices for Mothers; to stay present and connected, as they navigate the daily highs and lows of Motherhood.

Each card beckons you to travel inward. This journey of discovering presence gives way to the unstitching of layers that once define who you are. New mindfulness enables you to realign with your intuition, integrating your body and your mind. Peaceful Mama Cards offer perspective and encourage you to embrace the ebb and flow that is Motherhood.

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– Printed using soy-based inks, on sustainably sourced Quality Card stock

– Each pack comes with a Handmade Organic-Linen carry bag

*Additional Handcrafted Pine Wood Stand available to purchase.

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