Rose & Jade by Erika – Sleepy Set

Lavender Sleep Mist, Satin Pillowcase & Satin Eye Mask

Our natural lavender sleep mist has been crafted by hand with love by a local natural artisan perfumer on the Gold Coast. So much passion and love goes into creating each luxe sleep mist. This gorgeous organic fragrance with pure lavender oil is made to give you a natural sense of calm. As there are NO synthetics in our products, the scents are alive and linger longer.

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Satin Pillowcase

Oversized to fit the most luxurious of pillows, the soft satin feels smooth on your skin and helps you retreat into a dreamy wonderous sleep. The soft and luxuriously silky feel of this satin pillowcase isn’t only comfortable, but also holds a range of other benefits. Satin pillowcases are known and have been proven to decrease the likelihood of developing lines and wrinkles and frizzy bed hair while increasing the likelihood of an amazing night’s sleep. By swapping out your cotton, wool, or flannel pillowcases for this luxe satin case, a good night’s sleep will be the result will have you looking and feeling energized and confident.

Satin Eye Mask

Retreat from the stresses of daily life by applying a Rose & Jade satin eye mask. This soft, smooth, and ever so comfortable to wear mask will ensure your lights are out before you know it.

How to use Lavender Sleep Mist:

A sleep ritual is an important part of preparing for a good night’s sleep, so we recommend you choose any (or all) of the following:

– Mist Sleepy onto your chest area,

– Mist Sleepy directly onto your pillow slip, or

– Mist Sleepy onto your hair. Did you know that your hair holds onto the scent the longest?

Ingredients: 25ml Lavender Sleep Mist ,Certified Organic Lavender, Spring Water, Solubilizer, Food Grade Grape, Alcohol and Natural Food Colouring

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