Hey mama, I’m Jade, qualified coach, podcast host, speaker, event facilitator and mama of soon to be two, beautiful little souls.

Let me share with you a little snippet of my story and why Mother Her came into existence…

On 7th February 2017 my life completely changed. That day I birthed a beautiful baby girl and…a new self. I remember the day she was born and looking into her big, vulnerable brown eyes for the first time as the nurse gently placed her on my chest and in that moment feeling an overwhelming array of emotions run through my being. An intense, warm rush of unconditional love, a fierce desire to protect and nurture while also deep sensations of vulnerability and fear.


I truly don’t think anything could have prepared me for how that day was going to change my life. Yes, I knew I was going to be a mum now and have this little human being to care for but I was completely oblivious to the internal transformation that was about to unfold within me as a woman and how it was going to push me into the deep self-inquiry and growth it did.

Becoming a mother, for me, acted like a mirror. I remember often looking at my daughter and visualising flashbacks from my childhood, as if when I looked at her I was looking into the eyes of little me. My childhood, although raised by a nurturing, loving mother and surrounded by a supportive extended family, did not come free of past down trauma and cycles. It was only until I reached a pivotal point in my life that I began to open my eyes to these cycles and started the journey of self-growth. 


This pivotal point for me was Motherhood.


In those moments of looking into my daughter’s eyes while recalling my own childhood, it seemed to fuel this fire within me. A burning desire to do absolutely everything in my power as a woman and mother, to make sure she never carries down the cycles and traumas that I experienced and carried as a child. It was this realisation that was really the catalyst to my self-growth journey.  I became apparent to me that if I was going to raise a healthy, empowered conscious human being, I had to be that myself. I had to raise myself first so I could be a living example to her of what it looks like to be an empowered woman. It was my responsibility to break the generational cycles and create a new way, a new path for her to follow in.


And so it began. I delved into the world of self-development and healing. I started to read books and listen to podcasts on mindset, childhood traumas and emotional intelligence. I began to learn holistic practices like meditation, breathwork and journaling. I started to delve into my own self-healing, shifting limiting beliefs and learning how to break toxic patterns and slowly started to reshape my life and embody the woman and mother I wanted to lead life as. 

I’m now nearly 6 years into my motherhood and growth journey and boy has it been a crazy, rollercoaster of a ride. I stand here today with so much gratitude for how motherhood has transformed me, through the darkest and most blissful moments it has now allowed me to raise my daughter from a place of deeper consciousness and empowerment.


I’ve since gone onto becoming a qualified life coach, facilitating several women’s wellbeing events in Australia, launching a podcast and creating the mother her community. I’ve now made it my mission to provide mothers from all around the world with the tools, guidance and support they need to start their own journey of self-growth, self-healing and self-empowerment.

So we as a collective of woman, and creators of life, can embody deeper fulfillment and happiness while leading a conscious path of empowerment for our children.

Jade xo